Real-Time Locating Systems

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Find anyone, anything, any where at any time.

A Real-Time Locating System will allow you to efficiently manage your facility, saving you time and money without sacrificing patient care.
Doctor locating equipment on a Real-Time Locating System

Maximize your facility’s operations, patient and employee satisfaction scores, and reduce costs using the ENVisionIT®RTLS hardware and software suite. The real-time locating system (RTLS) solution enables greater efficiency in performing day-to-day tasks such as:

  • Tracking and managing equipment
  • Staff Safety
  • Monitoring patients

ENVisionIT® can be configured to create an enterprise-wide solution to help your healthcare or long-term care facility maximize operational efficiency, while protecting your patients, residents, and staff. With easy to use dashboards and reporting, the data gathered by ENVisionIT®RTLS enables you to make better decisions to improve your overall performance.

  • Track and analyse asset use to right-size inventory
  • Save time locating assets for scheduled annual maintenance
  • Receive alerts as soon as patients or residents put themselves in or near restricted areas

ENVisionIT® – find your resources when and where you need them.

Efficiently manage your facility without sacrificing patient care